Current Construction Projects

Project Schedules - 2022 Continuation of Projects and 2023 Projects

Proposed Construction
Tentative/Actual Start Date

Jackson St/Mechanic St Railroad BridgesReplace RR bridges over Jackson and MechanicFeb 27th
Fourth St. at ProspectReconstruct traffic signalsJan 24th
Fourth St. at GriswoldReconstruct traffic signalsJan 24th
MLK Equality Trail Install lightingMay 10th
West Ave. at FranklinReconstruct traffic signalsJan 26th
West Ave. at MorrellReconstruct traffic signalsJan 26th

Greenwood Ave. at HighReconstruct traffic signalsJan 11th
Steward Ave at AMTRAK RR CrossingReplace water main under railroadMay 8th
Brown St. - Morrell to MichiganMill/resurface; new non-motorized trail north sideApr 17th
Perrine St. - Michigan to BurrWatermain, lead svc replacement; sanitary sewer replacement; curb/gutter replacementApr 10th
MLK Equality Trail - West Ave to ProspectUpgrade to 12-ft wide concrete trailJul 17th
Trail Crossings - Hickory & Fourth; PAKA Trail & West; MLK Trail & Prospect; Denton & KibbyInstall perimeter lit flashing LE signs with pavement markings and pushbutton pedestalsJul 10th
Wildwood Ave. - West to StewardMill/resurface pavementJul 10th
West Ave - Fourth to CrescentPavement patchingJun 19th
N. Wisner St. - Wildwood to GansonMill/resurface pavementJul 10th
DEFERRED - Blakely Ave- Elm to PleasantWatermain, lead svc replacement; street constructionSpring 2024
DEFERRED - Oakridge-Glen to GrovedaleWatermain, lead svc replacement; street construction
Spring 2024
Mansion St. - RR to Water Treatment Plant drivewayReconstruct sanitary sewerOct 9th
W. North St. - Wisner to WestReconstruct pavementSep 14th
Cooper St. - Intersections w/South, High, Morrell, Washington, Michigan, Ganson, MLK Dr.Reconstruct traffic signalsOct 1st

Requesting a Construction Project

Contact the Engineering Division at 517-788-4160 to see if a street is scheduled for construction within the next few years. If it is not scheduled for reconstruction, the resident can obtain a petition from the City Clerk's Office.

According to City Ordinance, petitions signed by at least 50% of property owners can initiate public improvements such as street construction. If ordered for construction, property owners would be assessed for their share of the construction cost.