Water Department

The City of Jackson's Water Department fuels our city's residents with clean, sustainable drinking water. But, it also is in charge of connecting our buildings to that water, metering its usage, testing its quality, maintaining the sewer system, and assuring there is no contamination between the potable and non-potable water supplies.

Groundwater Sources

Once known as the Jackson City Water Company, the Water Department shares 3 groundwater sources with other water suppliers throughout Jackson County. The city is actively working with these suppliers countywide, through the Jackson County Community Wellhead Protection Program, to assure the aquifers stay clean and viable for many years to come.

Utilizing such a program helps prevent our vital water resources from the dangers of groundwater contamination, which can cripple our water supply and the ecosystem.

Additional Information

For all questions, concerns, and information regarding city water and sewer billing, visit the Billing Division of the Water Department.

To pay your water/sewer bill, click here.

Hydrant Flushing, Fall 2019

The City of Jackson Department of Public Works is starting its Fall Fire Hydrant Flushing Program on Monday, Sept. 23. The flushing activity will be happening all over the City of Jackson and some areas of Blackman, Summit and Leoni townships.

Fire hydrant flushing will begin in the southwest section of the City and is scheduled to finish in the northeast section two weeks later on Tuesday, Oct. 8. The activity will take place from 7:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday.  The flushing is necessary to wash iron and other sediment out of the water mains. This sediment does not affect water quality, but can cause water to become discolored. The water is safe to drink and discoloration often disappears within a short time.

Drivers are urged to slow down where flushing is taking place and use caution while driving around flushing activity. Residents are advised not to wash clothing while lines are being flushed in or around their neighborhoods.  They may also experience lower water pressure or possibly no water during the hydrant flushing.

A map that indicates the areas and dates scheduled for flushing can be viewed by visiting this highlighted web link.  Those who have questions about the flushing can call the Department of Public Works-Water Division at 517-788-4170.