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  1. Reporting a concern to the City of Jackson, Michigan

    Thank you for contacting the City of Jackson, Michigan. Please submit your questions or concerns that relate to City services by including your name, location of concern, information about concern, and contact information. You also have the option to upload a photo of the concern, such as a pothole, downed tree, or trash. 

    A City of Jackson staff member will respond at their earlier convenience. This service is not staffed 24/7. You may also report a concern by calling 517-768-6092. 

    Please also consider the following before submitting your concern: 

    • If you have an immediate concern that requires attention from the police or fire departments, please call 911. 
    • Call 911 to report a concern for Animal Control. The City of Jackson uses Jackson County for Animal Control for these services. 
    • If this is a water-related emergency, call the Department of Public Works at 517-788-4170. 
    • Please make sure you are a City of Jackson resident before sending us a message. While you may be a resident of Jackson County and have a Jackson mailing address, that does not mean you are a City resident and should be contacting us with your concern. Review this City of Jackson map to confirm you are a resident. 
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