Rental, Non-Owner & Vacant Housing Inspections

The City of Jackson adopted a comprehensive rental housing inspection program in 1986 that requires all non-owner occupied and vacant residential properties to be inspected on a systematic, citywide basis.

These inspections are conducted to protect the public health, safety, and welfare of Jackson residents while improving housing conditions within the city. Learn more about the process on the Non-Owner Occupied Housing Inspections page.

For information on related-fees, visit the Inspection Fees page.

Property Registration & Sales

Property in the City of Jackson is required to be registered with the Community Development Department. Find out more about how to register your property on the Property Registration page.

You may also learn about the inspection process while selling your property on the Property Sales page. Read about transferring ownership policies on the Transfer of Ownership page.

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Related Ordinances & Laws

The following city and state laws govern the inspections conducted by the Community Development Department:
  • Chapter 14 of the City of Jackson Code of Ordinances, which was updated by the Jackson City Council on February 21, 2012
  • Act 286 of PA 1968 of the State of Michigan