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WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THE AUG. 2 PRIMARY ELECTION: Before voting in the Aug. 2 Primary Election, it’s important to know about possible changes to your ward and polling place. 

WARD CHANGES:  In early 2022, the City Council finalized a new ward map for the City’s six wards. These borders are redrawn every 10 years to reflect population changes determined by the U.S. Census and to comply with Jackson County Commission district lines. The map selected by the council changes boundaries for every ward but Ward 1. 

WHAT THIS MEANS FOR RESIDENTS: Depending on where you live, this could change who represents you on the City Council, what ward you live in, and where you go to vote in-person. 

The City Clerk’s Office is mailing out updated voter registration cards to impacted residents, informing them of their new ward and voting location. 

The map on this page is the new ward and precinct map. 

There are no changes to polling place locations. The ward alterations do not impact submission of absentee voter ballots, which will continue to submitted to the City Clerk’s Office through mail, drop box or hand submission. 

ELECTION INFORMATION: Polling places will be open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Tuesday, Aug. 2 for the primary election. All absentee ballots must be returned to the City Clerk’s Office by 8 p.m. on Election Day to be counted in the election. Voters will decide primaries for Congress, Governor, State Senate, State House and County Commission. There are no City of Jackson elections on the ballot. 

Voters will have one ballot proposal to consider for the Jackson Area Transportation Authority (JATA). The local bus and shuttle service is seeking approval of a millage renewal. 

Where to Vote
Each ward has a designated polling place. 

  • WARD 1: Martin Luther King Jr. Community Center, 1107 Adrian St. 
  • WARD 2: Boos Center in Loomis Park, 210 Gilbert St. 
  • WARD 3: St. John's Parish Center, 711 N. Martin Luther King Jr. Dr. 
  • WARD 4: First Presbyterian Church, 743 W. Michigan Ave. 
  • WARD 5: St. John's United Center for Caring, 801 S. Mechanic St. 
  • WARD 6: Cascades Baptist Church, 1012 W. High St. 
All polls are open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Those concerned about voting in-person during the COVID-19 pandemic may request an absentee ballot.

Voting Absentee 

Those wanting to request an absentee ballot, who have not already applied, may apply on the Secretary of State’s website, by mail, by email, or in person. If you’d like to check on the status of your absentee ballot, such as if one is coming to your home or has been received by the City Clerk’s Office, visit the Secretary of State’s website.


It’s important for absentee voters living in the same household to pay close attention to ensure the ballot assigned to them is returned in the appropriate envelope. Contact the City Clerk’s Office if a mistake is made on your absentee ballot to get instructions on how to correct it. Voters may return ballots directly to the City Clerk’s Office on the First Floor of Jackson City Hall.  

Two ballot drop boxes are available for contactless submission of absentee ballots. One is located outside Jackson City Hall at 161 W. Michigan Ave. and another is located inside the City Clerk's Office. 

Those opting to return ballots by mail are encouraged to do so as early as possible. In the days before the election, voters are urged to directly submit their completed absentee ballots to the City Clerk's Office using a drop box or in-person submission. 

Voters who are registering to vote on Election Day may obtain and vote an absentee voter ballot in person at the City Clerk's Office or vote in person at their voting precinct. 

All absentee ballots must be submitted to the Clerk's Office by 8 p.m. on Election Day to be counted in the election. 

Ballot Submission Deadline 

The Michigan Secretary of State has ballot submission deadlines listed on its website.  

Spoiling an Absentee Ballot

If a voter has already voted absentee and wishes to change their vote, a voter can spoil their ballot by submitting a written request to the City Clerk's Office. More information is available about this on the Secretary of State’s website

See your Ballot Before Voting 
If you'd like to see what's on your ballot before heading to the polls, sample ballots are available online.

About Elections in Jackson
Elections in the City of Jackson are administered by the Jackson City Clerk's Office. The City Clerk is the Chief Election Officer and is responsible for conducting all elections held in the City of Jackson. Voter registrations are processed daily through the statewide qualified voter file to maintain the records of approximately 23,000 registered city voters. The city is divided into six wards and 16 precincts with conveniently located polling places for voters to cast their ballots on election days.

Election Results
City of Jackson election results are reported through the Jackson County Clerk's website.

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