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MLK Equality Trail

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MLK Equality Trail Map (PDF)

The MLK Equality Trail is Jackson's main pedestrian trail. The 3.7 mile trail starts in Downtown Jackson at the intersection of Cooper Street and Washington Avenue. The paved trail goes through several south and west side residential neighborhoods before terminating at Weatherwax Drive in Summit Township. This is where the trail turns into Jackson County's Falling Waters Trail, which can be used to reach Lime Lake County Park and the Village of Concord. 

Part of the Iron Belle Trail, the entirety of this trail section from Downtown Jackson to Concord is 14 miles. In the City of Jackson, there are trailhead access points and parking at the following places: 

The MLK Equality Trail is fully lit at night, providing safety for users and accessibility during the darker months of the years. Plans are in the works to replace the trail surface in 2024-25. The former railroad corridor was converted into a pedestrian trail starting in 2000 and was originally named the Inner-City Trail.