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Martin Luther King Jr. Recreation Center Facility Rental Form

  1. Front of MLK Center
  2. About the MLK Center

    The Martin Luther King Jr. Recreation Center is a popular gathering place for the Jackson community. Every year, the MLK Center hosts numerous events, meetings and recreation programs. 

    The MLK Center is located within the Howard Woods Recreation Complex, which includes a community garden, playground, pavilion, baseball/softball fields, and basketball court. 

    The address is 1107 Adrian St. Jackson, MI 49203. A large parking lot and street parking is available for events. 

  3. Applicant Information
  4. Rental Fee Charges

    Payments will only be accepted at the Parks and Recreation Department, 5th Floor of Jackson City Hall, 161 W. Michigan Ave. All checks are to be made out to the City of Jackson. All fees must be paid a week prior to the event date. If any fees are not paid a week before the event, it will be canceled and you will lose the reservation. 

    • Gymnasium: $200 per 4 hours
    • Tony Dungy Lounge: $75 per 4 hours 
    • Flamingo Brown Room: $75 per 4 hours 
    • Overtime fee: $50 per hour
  5. Jackson Recreation Department Building Use Policies
    • By City of Jackson ordinance, no alcoholic beverages are allowed in City-owned facilities.
    • Any function which requires a City license must be cleared through the City Clerk’s Office 30 days prior to date of use.
    • Applications for building use should be submitted to the Recreation Department 10 days prior to requested date.
    • Recreation Department activities maintain building use priorities with no exceptions.
    • Each group must sign the City’s hold harmless agreement.
    • Groups are responsible for setting up and taking down of tables and chairs. Groups will be expected to leave the building clean after their function. If facilities are not left in good order, your groups future use of the facilities may be jeopardized.
    • Groups using the facilities are responsible for their personal properties and cannot store equipment at the facility.
    • Groups should not plan to hold meetings at the facilities on a regular basis for more than once a month.
    • Groups will be held responsible for damages to the buildings, furniture, fixtures, and equipment.
    • You are responsible for clean up. If the area is not cleaned up, the City of Jackson will invoice you for the cost of clean up.
  6. Reservation Information
  7. Room Requested
  8. Will there be any cooking taking place in the kitchen?
  9. If you answered "yes", please list the kitchen requests you have. 

  10. If you would like include a floor plan for how the room is going to be set up, please upload the image. This can include where tables and chairs can be placed, sound systems, food areas, etc.  

  11. Use of City Facilities Hold Harmless Agreement

    For and in consideration of the opportunity of being allowed to use the City of Jackson facilities as identified below, the undersigned agrees to indemnify, defend, and save the City of Jackson and its agents, officers, representatives, elected officials and employees (hereinafter “City”) harmless form and against any and all liability, cost or losses resulting from any and all claims, demands, suits, actions, payments or judgments, including any and all expenses, legal or otherwise, incurred by the City in the defense of any claim or suits arising from personal injuries, death, property damage, bodily injury, or otherwise, brought or recovered against the City, or any other third party present during the above referenced use of facilities. However, this provision does not indemnify for the sole negligence of the City.

  12. Final Submission

    To submit this reservation request, please complete the digital signature and date sections. A copy of the submission will be sent to your email if you select that option on this page. 

    A Jackson Recreation Department employee will respond to your request at their earliest convenience over phone or email.  Thank you for considering the MLK Recreation Center for your event! 

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