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Woodland Cemetery


Woodland Cemetery Full Map

Though it may not be the oldest cemetery in the city, it definitely contains the oldest historical burials. When the City of Jackson was first founded in 1829, the original cemetery was located on East Michigan Avenue. As our city expanded eastward, so too did the need to properly honor its pioneers. Therefore, in 1890, a 25-acre plot of land was purchased from local landowner, James C. Wood, in 1890, with the purpose of becoming Woodland Cemetery. The remains of Jackson’s pioneers were disinterred, and reinterred, into the newly designated cemetery.

Adding Acreage

Over the years, 68 more acres of land were added to the original 25, bringing the entire cemetery area up to 93 acres. There are numerous private mausoleums located throughout the cemetery landscape, including Woodland Cemetery’s own, which was built in 1919. Woodland also features a chapel, built in 1975, providing a peaceful, fitting location for interment services.

Map of All of Woodland