Nov. 2020 Ballot Proposals


Nov. 3, 2020 General Election Ballot Proposals 

When voters go to the polls or complete absentee ballots for the Nov. 3 General Election, they will see two ballot proposals to consider. These ballot proposals are City Charter amendments placed on the ballot by the Jackson City Council following review from the Charter Review Committee. This web page has a breakdown of what the proposals mean and a look at how they appear on the ballot. 

Ballot Proposal: Filling City Council and Treasurer Vacancies

The proposed amendment to City Charter Section 7.10 concerns how City Council and Treasurer vacancies are filled. Currently, the Charter states that City Council and Treasurer vacancies are to be filled by the City Council, who appoints a resident to the position for the rest of the vacated term. 

This Charter amendment proposes changing the Charter so vacancies are filled by a vote of residents at the next general election following the opportunity for a primary election. The City Council would still appoint someone to fill the vacancy until an election can be held. 

Charter Amendment  7.10

Ballot Proposal: Changes to Nominating Petitions 

The proposed amendment to City Charter Section 5.2 concerns nominating petitions for elected office. Candidates for elected office must submit nominating petitions to qualify for the election. These nominating petitions are circulated to collect resident signatures so the candidate has enough signatures to appear on the ballot.  

Currently, those who are circulating the petitions must include a notarized affidavit stating they circulated the petitions and collected the signatures. This Charter amendment would allow a non-notarized certificate of the circulator to be submitted with the nominating petitions instead of a notarized affidavit. 

A certificate of the circulator is a document the circulator signs saying they collected the signatures. If approved, the proposed amendment will make this section of the Charter consistent with state law, which does not have a notary requirement, and help simplify the petition submission process. 

Charter Amendment 5.2

Where are these proposals on the ballot? 

The ballot proposals are located on the back of ballots and are the last items to vote on. A video has been produced to show voters where the proposals are located on ballots. 

Voting in the Election 

All other information about how to vote in the Nov. 3, 2020 General Election is available on the Election Division page of the City Clerk's Office.