Coronavirus Response

corona graphic

How the City of Jackson is Responding 

The City of Jackson is responding to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and taking a leadership role in the community. The City’s Communications Division created this section of our website to connect residents to the latest information on the fight against Coronavirus. On Tuesday, March 17, Mayor Derek Dobies declared a Local State of Emergency in the City of Jackson. This declaration helps prepare the community for the hard fight ahead. It’s a precautionary measure that allows City leaders to activate the City’s Emergency Operations Plan, direct community resources, and change the functions of City government and facilities if needed. 

The City also wants to make sure that as this crisis develops, vulnerable people in the City are cared for. City government and other community organizations are coming together to provide resources for the hardest hit in the community. Since this situation developed, City leaders have been taking quick action to stop the spread of the illness and protect the community. The response has included closing Jackson City Hall to the public, cancelling meetings, postponing events, and a variety of other measures. 

While the City takes leadership in Jackson, we’re also asking everyone to take a leadership role in their own families and communities. You can do this by checking up on neighbors and relatives, staying at home, practicing social distancing,  and getting accurate information on this crisis and how you can stay healthy. 

City government will continue to keep residents updated on what we’re doing to respond. There are a variety of ways to stay updated, such as through the City’s social media platforms,  signing up for CodeRED, and checking this section of our website.

It takes the work of the entire community to get through this situation. The City believes we can limit the impact of Coronavirus if we stay calm and work together. Thank you for all you’re doing to keep Jackson safe and healthy.