2019 Income Tax Forms

2019 - J1040 Individual Return (PDF) (no instructions, fillable form) 

2019 - J1040 Individual Return (PDF) (with instructions, non-fillable form) 

2020 - 1040ES (PDF) (with instructions) 

2019 - J1041 Fiduciary Return (PDF

2019 - J1065 Partnership Income Tax Return (PDF)

2019 - J1120 Corporate Return (PDF)

2020 - 941 Withholding (PDF) (with instructions)

JSS-4 Employer Withholding Registration

JW-4 Employee Withholding Registration

Frequently Asked Tax Questions

2019 income tax forms are due by April 30, 2020. 


With the 2018 tax year filing deadline approaching, the City of Jackson Income Tax Division would like to remind filers that the computer program Turbo Tax does not electronically file your tax return. Many pop-up or mall tax preparers also do not file electronically. You will need to mail in or deliver your return. The mailing address is:

Jackson Income Tax Division 

City Hall – First Floor

161 W. Michigan Ave.

Jackson, MI 49201

You may also drop off your returns at the same address. City business hours are Monday – Friday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm.