Loose Leaf Collection Program

Leaf Collection Update

The 2023 Loose Leaf Collection Program wrapped up on Thursday, Dec. 7. The second and final round of collection is complete in all sections! No other curbside leaf collection will happen until fall 2024. 

About Leaf Collection 

The City of Jackson Department of Public Works (DPW) started the Fall 2023 Loose Leaf Collection Program on Monday, Nov. 6. The DPW is planning two rounds of leaf collection in every section of the City through Friday, Dec. 8.  

The DPW asks residents to place loose leaf piles along curbs in the street. Placing leaves on the street level along curbs helps crews perform a more effective collection.  Residents are urged to not put out leaf piles in the curb line of streets until 48 hours before their scheduled pickup. Having leaf piles in streets for long periods of time hinders street cleanliness, clogs storm drains, and can permanently damage pavement. 

It’s also very important for residents to remove vehicles, basketball hoops, and any other obstructions from streets when collection is happening in their neighborhood. Leaves will not be collected if they can’t be reached by crews. Residents should be aware that large leaf piles are sometimes first collected by loader equipment and then the leaf vacuum machines come by to do a more detailed cleanup.
Leaves on parkwayLeaves in curb line

A map that shows collection sections and pickup dates is available on the City website. Collection dates are subject to change due to possible weather and equipment challenges. 

The City is divided into 10 sections, with each section receiving two rounds of collection. On Monday, Nov. 6, crews are starting in Section 1 (southwest side) and Section 6 (northeast side). The Section 1 crew will move east through Section 5 and the Section 6 crew will move west through Section 10. 

The City encourages residents to stay up-to-date on the collection program so they know when it’s coming to their street. In addition to reading a mailer that’s sent to every address in the City, residents can stay informed through these communication channels: 

  • Signing up for the City’s CodeRED system to get phone, email and text updates.  
  • Looking for updates on this web page. 
  • Follow the City’s Facebook page for regular updates.
  • Calling the City of Jackson Loose Leaf Collection Phone Line at 517-768-6088 to hear regular updates on collection activity.

Questions or concerns about leaf collection should be directed to the DPW at 517-788-4170. 

2023 Fall Leaf poster for website