Loose Leaf Collection Program

Leaf vacuum equipment gets ready to suck up a pile of leaves

Latest Leaf Collection Update

Loose leaf collection will continue in the City of Jackson throughout the winter and into the spring when the weather permits. To help speed up the process, the Department of Public Works (DPW) will be using other collection methods in addition to the leaf vacuums. Residents can still expect to see DPW crews in neighborhoods in the coming months using the leaf vacuums and loading loose leaves onto trailers. As of Tuesday, Jan. 14, leaf collection is about 50 percent complete, with crews ready to move north into Section 6, which is the northeast side of the City. The DPW is dedicated to making sure leaves are collected all over the City. Thank you for your patience with this new leaf collection program.

Information about the Loose Leaf Collection Program

New leaf vacuum equipment will be out in full force beginning Monday, Nov. 25 with the official start of the New Loose Leaf Collection Program. The loose leaf collection will start in Sections 1 and 2, which are in the southwest area of Jackson, on Monday and will stay in those sections through the following week.

The City of Jackson recently purchased new equipment that crews from the Department of Public Works will use to vacuum loose leaves that are place in parkways, which is the area between street curbs and sidewalks. At a meeting in October, the City Council voted to cancel the Bagged Leaf Pickup Program in favor of the New Loose Leaf Collection Program to make yard cleanups more convenient for residents. A video is available online to demonstrate how the new equipment works. The City currently has one leaf vacuum trailer in use, with a second trailer coming next week.

The loose leaf collection is taking place now through December, with DPW crews working during daylight hours up to six days a week. Crews will start in Section 1 and move east through Sections 2, 3, 4, and 5. After Section 5, crews will move north to Section 6 and continue collection west through Sections 7, 8, 9, and 10. Crews will move onto the next section after collection efforts are complete in that area. A map of leaf collection sections is available online, is posted at the bottom of this page, and was mailed to Jackson residents.

This is an entirely new approach that is different from how the City has conducted leaf pickup in the past. Residents are now allowed to rake loose leaves into parkways. If residents don’t have a parkway, they are asked to please place loose leaves on the edge of their property near the curb. The City is advising residents to not rake leaves past the curb into the street. Fines may be imposed if loose leaves are placed into the street. Loose leaves on streets damage roadways and clog storm drains. Bagged leaves will no longer be accepted. Loose leaves will be the ONLY material collection. Leaf piles that contain trash or yard waste will not be collected. The City is also asking residents to remove parked vehicles from streets when collection is underway in their neighborhood. Leaves will not be collected if vehicles are blocking curbs.

There are various ways residents can stay up to date on when leaf collection is coming to their area:

-Signing up for the City’s CodeRED system to get phone, email and text updates.  

-Looking for updates on the this web page. 

-“Liking” the City’s Facebook page for regular updates.

-Calling the City of Jackson Loose Leaf Collection Phone Line at 517-768-6088 to hear regular updates on collection activity.

Questions about leaf collection should be directed to the Department of Public Works at 517-788-4170.