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  1. Shelly Allard
    Shelly Allard
    Purchasing Coordinator

    City Hall
    161 W. Michigan Ave.
    10th Floor
    Jackson, MI 49201

    Ph: 517-788-4020
    Fx: 866-971-2119

    Shelly Allard graduated from Jackson Community College with an Associate’s Degree in April 1986. Shelly began working at the City of Jackson in the Purchasing Department as a Purchasing Technician in 1986 and became Purchasing Coordinator after.

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Phase PE (Preliminary Engineering):


This phase will include all work necessary to obtain an MDEQ Act 399 Permit for Water Supply Systems and let a construction contract for the replacement of each listed section of water main.  At a MINIMUM, Phase PE shall address the following:

Soil and Topographic Surveys

The consultant shall collect all soil and topographic information necessary design the project and prepare contract documents.  All soil testing shall conform to ASTM standards.  A report of soil borings and test results shall be prepared by the consultant and submitted to the City prior to the initiation of design work.  Survey shall be conducted and entered into AutoCAD in accordance with City of Jackson standards (see Attachment 1).  Surveys shall be tied to USGS monuments as well as other monuments in the general area.

Preparation of Plans, Specifications and Engineer’s Estimate

The consultant shall prepare plans, specifications and an engineer’s estimate of construction costs in accordance with the standards and requirements of MDOT and governing agencies.

For those items not included in the MDOT Standard Specifications for Construction, the City of Jackson’s Special Provisions shall be used. The consultant will generate Special Provisions only for those items not included in the Standard Specifications or City of Jackson Special Provisions.

Engineer’s Estimate shall be prepared using MERL software.  Plans shall be prepared using AutoCAD according to City drafting standards (see Attachment 1).

Preliminary submittals shall be made to the City for review and comment prior to finalization. 

Attend progress meetings as necessary for the review of preliminary plans, specifications and engineer’s estimate.

Upon review by City & MDEQ staff, make changes to plans, specifications and estimate to meet City and MDEQ requirements and provide the Owner with a complete ready-to-bid project. 

Prepare and, after owner approval, submit applications for applicable MDOT right-of-way permits, MDEQ permits for water supply, Jackson County Part 41 Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Control permits and Jackson County Department of Transportation right-of-way permits (for advance warning and detour signing on road beyond the City Limits).


Phase CE (Construction Engineering):


This phase will include all work necessary to administer a construction contract for the replacement of each listed section of water main.

Provide construction surveying and layout.

Provide contract administration services including the preparation of bi-weekly pay estimates and contract modifications, review of shop drawings, etc. in accordance with MDOT requirements. 

Provide construction engineering supervision including on-site construction inspection.  Inspection shall be performed by technician(s) qualified to provide such services to MDOT.

Maintain the official documentation files in accordance with MDOT requirements for Federal Aid Projects.

Coordinate with the City for materials testing.  Materials testing services shall be the responsibility of the City and are not included the scope of services for this request for proposals.

Attend bi-weekly progress meetings at the project site(s).

Prepare as-built record documentation for water main improvements in both PDF and AutoCAD formats.  As-built documentation shall be prepared in accordance with the City’s Water Main As-Built Documentation Procedure (see Attachment 2).  Blank cards for services, valves and hydrant will be provided to the consultant by the City for use in as-build record preparation.




  •    Greenwood Avenue from Morrell St to Wilkins St, Wilkins Street from Greenwood Ave to Jackson St and Jackson Street from Wilkins St to Franklin St.  Street reconstruction with water main replacement in Greenwood and mast arm traffic signal at Greenwood and Morrell.  Phases PE and CE are both applicable to this task.  This project is on the state TIP for 2020 and will be let by the Michigan Department of Transportation.  Construction for this task is scheduled to be substantially complete with streets open to traffic on September 27, 2020.
  •    Second Street from Washington Ave to Wildwood Ave is planned to be reconstructed with HUD funds through the CDBG program.  The water main is also planned for replacement.  Phases PE and CE are both applicable to this task.  Construction for this task is scheduled to be substantially complete with streets open to traffic on June 28, 2019.
  • Madison Street from West Ave to Clinton St is planned for curb replacement on the north side and mill and resurface the pavement.  Phases PE and CE are both applicable to this task.  Construction on this task is scheduled to be completed by May 24, 2019.



Sealed proposals for Jackson City Hall Lobby Door Replacement will be received by the City of Jackson Purchasing Agent, 161 W. Michigan Avenue, 10th Floor, Jackson, Michigan, Tuesday, June 19, 2018 until 10:00:00 AM.

The work includes the following partial listing of items with approximate quantities:  Removal and replacement of 3 existing door systems with 3 new door systems. 2 new systems are sliding aluminum storefronts, the third system is a standard aluminum storefront with one power assist door. Scope of work included demolition, new storefronts, electrical and associated paint touch up. See drawings and specifications for further information.

Bidders may obtain packets containing Instructions to Bidders, Proposal Forms, Specifications and Contract Forms at the Purchasing Department, 10th Floor, 161 W. Michigan Avenue, Jackson, Michigan 49201, Telephone (517) 788-4020 or from the city’s website at http://www.cityofjackson.org/rfq. 

Prospective bidders are invited to attend a pre-bid meeting on Tuesday, June 5, 2018  at 10:00 AM, Purchasing Department, 10th Floor, 161 W. Michigan Avenue, Jackson, MI 49201.