Ward 6

Will Forgrave was elected as the Sixth Ward City Councilmember in 2019 and 2023. 

He moved to Jackson shortly after graduating from college in 2009 and took a job as a government reporter at the Jackson Citizen Patriot newspaper, earning two Associated Press Awards for investigative journalism in 2014. The following year, Will became the City of Jackson's first-ever Public Information Officer, where he facilitated communication between City Hall, media outlets, and the general public. Currently, he works as the Marketing & Communications Manager at the Jackson District Library, organizing marketing efforts for the district's 13 libraries across Jackson County.

In 2017, after living in downtown apartments for the whole of his time in Jackson, Will bought a house in Ward 6 with his fiancee Kaiti, whom he married in 2019. When he isn't renovating the house, tinkering in the garage, or talking with his neighbors in the 6th Ward - you can find Will in his backyard, ordering his dog to stop barking at everything in sight.

Will has a bachelor's degree in history and journalism from Albion College. Go Brits.

Councilmember Forgrave served as the City Council's Chief Parliamentarian for the 2021-23 session. His current term ends in 2028. Ward 6 makes up the southwest corner of the City of Jackson.