Doing Business in the City

Your business can thrive here in the City of Jackson, no matter if you’re a 1st-time entrepreneur or a well-established corporation. We have a wide number of incentives and advantages to give your company a step up over the competition. Once known for manufacturing alone, Jackson now features a highly talented and diversified workforce with specialties in industries such as health care, biotechnology, engineering, and manufacturing. That workforce continues to grow stronger as our youth graduate from nationally-recognized high schools and universities.
Downtown Development Authority
The City of Jackson Downtown Development Authority (DDA) is charged with promoting economic growth and preventing deterioration in the downtown district. It is governed by a volunteer board of directors comprised of business owners, property owners and other residents of the city. The DDA is actively involved in a number of projects every year which provide support and assistance to property developers and entrepreneurs.
Building with Flower Garden
The City of Jackson’s Engineering Division is responsible for all municipal infrastructures such as traffic lights, sewer systems, and parking areas. This department is also responsible for the design and inspection on any Capital Improvement Projects (CIPs) which affect the city’s infrastructure. Businesses or individuals can obtain permits through the Engineering Division for construction projects involving driveways, the sewer system and more.
Road in Jackson
Planning Commission
Governed by a council made up of the mayor, city manager, 1 city councilperson and 6 other citizens, the city's Planning Commission is responsible for developing and maintaining a broad vision of what the City of Jackson should look like now, and in the future. They review any proposals for development within the city and determine if those proposals can move forward. The CPC is also the managing body of the Zoning Ordinance which is responsible for determining where businesses, housing, and venues can be developed.
City Hall Building Close Up on the City Logo