Working in Jackson

Just as the City of Jackson is a great place to live, it is also a great place to be employed. Parking in Jackson’s downtown is both ample and convenient, helping alleviate the stress caused by scarce parking while allowing individuals to still enjoy the fast-paced life of working in a downtown environment. For those working in the suburban areas of Jackson, well-managed roads and well-located businesses make it easy to travel throughout the city and get errands done even on your busiest of days.
Personnel & Labor Relations
Working for the City of Jackson is a rewarding experience and it’s the responsibility of the Personnel and Labor Relations Department to assure it remains that way. Open positions with the city can be found here. This department is also responsible for ensuring our city in compliance with state and federal labor laws, as well as providing educational programs to keep our employees safe and help them develop as professionals.
Treasurer's Office
The City of Jackson Treasurer’s Office is in charge of collecting city bills, which can be paid online, over the phone, or in person. It is also responsible for levying the income tax on all residents, non-residents, and businesses working within the city limits. This tax nearly comprises 1/3 of our annual budget, making it essential for sustaining all of the public services and events we provide on a daily basis.
Finance Department
In addition to managing the accounts receivable for the City of Jackson, the Finance Department is responsible for processing the payrolls for all city employees. This department is also in charge of administrating the city’s 3 different pension plans, assuring that the needs plan recipients are consistently met. Monthly and annual financial reports are made available by the Finance Department as well.