Grant Reports

Types of Reports

The Department of Neighborhood and Economic Operations grant reports can include information from throughout the entire year or can be focused on 1 significant project that was funded through these programs.

CDBG Draft Action Plan
2019-20 DRAFT Action Plan (PDF)

Citizen Participation Plan

Citizen Participation Plan (PDF)
This revision was adopted May 13, 2014

5-Year Consolidated Plan

2010-2014 5-Year Consolidated Plan (PDF)
2015-2019 5-Year Consolidated Plan (PDF)

Annual Action Plans

2018-19 Action Plan (PDF)
2017-18 Action Plan (PDF)
2016-17 Action Plan (PDF)
2014-15 Action Plan (PDF)
2013-14 Action Plan (PDF)
2012-13 Action Plan (PDF)
2011-12 Action Plan (PDF)
2010-11 Action Plan (PDF)
2009-10 Action Plan (PDF)
2008-09 Action Plan (PDF)

Consolidated Annual Performance and Evaluation Reports (CAPER)

2016-17 CAPER (PDF)
2015-16 CAPER (PDF)
2014-15 CAPER (PDF)
2013-14 CAPER (PDF) 
2012-13 CAPER (PDF)
2011-12 CAPER (PDF)
2010-11 CAPER (PDF)
2009-10 CAPER (PDF)
2008-09 CAPER (PDF)

Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing Choice

2010 Analysis of Impediments (PDF)

For More Information

If you have any questions or would like to discuss a report further, please contact Michelle L. Pultz-Orthaus at 517-768-6436 or by email.