Child Care Business

Zoning for Child Care Facilities

City of Jackson Property Search

Would you like to know what your property is zoned and what type of care home you may be permitted to operate?

Check the city assessor’s property search website.

You may also access the City of Jackson’s assessing records. You may conduct a property search and your zoning district will be listed under the “land information” section of your property information page.

Residential Zoning

Family child care homes and group child care homes are permitted in all residential zoning districts, which are:

  • R-1
  • R-2
  • R-3
  • R-4
  • R-5
  • R-6

Property Requirements

The acreage of your property will also be listed on the assessor’s property search page.  Remember, in order to receive approval to operate a group child care home for 6 - 12 children, the property in which the facility will be located must have a minimum lot size of 7,500 square feet (approximately 0.173 acres).

Required Permits

If you are remodeling or changing the use of a structure or property as a result of starting a family child care and group day care home, you may be required to pull permits. To view a list of permit applications, visit the Forms, Applications and Permits page.

You are required to apply for the appropriate permits prior to making any alterations or repairs to the property that will be used as a family day care or group day care home. If you are not making any repairs or alterations that require a building, plumbing, mechanical, or electrical permit, then you are required to apply for a Change of Use and Occupancy Evaluation Inspection Permit.