Billing Policies

In an effort to make our billing process simple and transparent, the Water Department lays out its billing policies below. If you have a question or a concern regarding any of our policies, please feel free to contact us.

General Information

Service calls are free during normal working hours. The Water Department strives to provide same day service for our customers, and immediate response for emergency calls (e.g., flooding).

Service personnel will not be dispatched after hours unless the property owner authorizes the overtime charge, with the exception of situations deemed to be emergencies by the Water Treatment Plant operator.

Payment / Shut-Off Dates

  • Bill payments must be made by the 6th of the month in which it is due
  • Shut-off procedures begin on the 7th of each month
  • Minimum balances must be paid off by the 20th of each month, prior to the next issued bill
  • For bill due dates that fall on weekends or holidays, payments are accepted on the next business day
  • Accounts become finalized if left shut off and unpaid for 15 days or more


  • To avoid having service shut off: $35; bills must be paid down to this amount
  • To pay a bill after the due date: Additional 10% of balance due is applied
  • To reinstate service after shut-off procedures have begun: $35, plus the total amount of the outstanding bill
  • For after-hours service calls: $105 for 3 hours of service; $105 for each subsequent 3 hours of after-hours service
  • To reinstate service after hours, on weekends or during holidays: standard $105 after-hours service fee, an additional $35 handling charge, plus the total amount of the outstanding bill
  • To put a tenant’s name on the water account for a sold or rented property: $300 tenant deposit
  • To assure service remains uninterrupted during a property ownership change: All final bills must be paid