City Attorney

The City Attorney's Office is a full service law office, delivering a complete range of legal services to the City's elected and appointed officials and department heads. The City's legal department consists of the City Attorney, a Senior Assistant City Attorney, an Assistant City Attorney, a Staff Attorney, and two legal support professionals.

Department Duties
The department's usual duties include:
  • Defending the City and its officials against lawsuits;
  • Reviewing all City resolutions, ordinances, contracts, and real estate documents;
  • Prosecuting approximately 2,000 District Court cases annually;
  • Defending the City in property tax cases; 
  • Collecting delinquent accounts receivable;
  • Reviewing insurance claims;
  • Administering the insurance programs of the City; and
  • Responding to Freedom of Information Act Requests;
If you have any questions regarding the responsibilities of the department, you can always contact us.