Wide view of Mount Evergreen Cemetery with old headstones, rolling hills, and tall trees


We have an important message for anyone who has loved ones buried at our two City cemeteries, Mt. Evergreen Cemetery and Woodland Cemetery. Please remove any holiday or winter decorations from grave sites by Sunday, March 15. We ask that they be removed so they are not in the way of our crews performing spring cleanups and maintenance. Any decorations not removed by March 15 will be discarded by staff. Thank you for helping our cemeteries look their best.

About the Cemeteries

The Parks, Recreation, and Grounds Department is the governing body of the City of Jackson’s two cemeteries:
Both established in the 1800s, these cemeteries have long served as the places where loved ones are remembered, honored, and cherished since the City of Jackson’s earliest days. Today, Mount Evergreen and Woodland cemeteries continue to offer acres of peaceful, serene land in which individuals can be laid to their final resting place.


Offering space for traditional burials, cremated remains, and mausoleums, you can choose how you’d like to honor a friend or family member that has passed. We make it easy and affordable to assure wishes are fulfilled. For more information, access the listing of cemetery fees for various services and available options.  Please take a moment to view our Cemetery Rules and Regulations, if you have any questions please call us at 788-4040.

Search for Cemetery Records

Utilize the Find A Grave resource to search for cemetery records in: