Division Activities

Division activities include:
  • The Jackson City Fire Department purchased a commercial grade washing machine to enable the department to comply with the requirements of Bloodborne Pathogen legislation. The washing machine also allows department personnel to clean their suppression clothing on a regular basis.
  • Foam injection systems were added to Engines 1, 2, 3, Ladder 1, and all reserve apparatus. These units allow the introduction of a predetermined amount of Class A foam into a 1-3/4 inch fire attack line. The foam additive reduces the surface tension of the water, allowing it to better penetrate wood, paper, cloth, and other combustible materials. The result is quicker extinguishment of fire and less time spent on overhaul after a fire.
  • Headset / intercom communications systems have been installed in all apparatus. These systems allow all firefighters riding the apparatus to communicate with each other while responding to an alarm without shouting. The units also reduce the amount of noise exposure from the sirens, air horns, and diesel engine of the vehicle. These systems also allow the driver to communicate on the radio while at the pump panel at the scene of a fire.
  • The department is hard at work on the preparation of site-specific emergency response plans for facilities which use or store hazardous materials. This is a requirement of the Michigan Fire Fighters Right-to-Know law, and this project continues to be an ongoing activity.
  • The Jackson Fire Department has become licensed by the State of Michigan Department of Public Health as a medical first responder provider of emergency medical care. All suppression personnel had to complete training as emergency medical technicians.
  • In the interest of fire fighter health, the Jackson Speech and Hearing Clinic gives all employees a hearing test, with the Jackson County Health department providing TB and Hepatitis screening.