Officer Qualifications

To be a police officer of the Jackson Police Department, you must be a bright individual with the integrity and discipline to always do what is best for the community. The badge we wear on our chests represents the honor we cherish when sworn to protect and serve the citizens of the city. Personal biases and prejudices are not tolerated here. Other things we require of all our officers, from the top ranks to the bottom, are:

  • Minimum age - 21 years old
  • Passing medical/physical examinations
  • Successful completion of background investigation
  • Psychological evaluation
  • Ability to understand, follow, and carry out instructions
  • Certified or able to be certified through MCOLES
  • Passing grades on all MCOLES screening tests
  • High moral character
  • Emotional stability
  • Keen observation skills
  • Reliability
  • U.S. citizenship