Street Maintenance

Harsh Michigan weather can create potholes, broken pavement and curbs, and damaged or missing street utility covers. Please call 517-788-4170 and let us know about any we may have missed so that we may begin work to repair.

Help Keep Our Streets Clean

Intentional discarding of debris into a right-of-way is a crime and a violation of City Codes: 18-84 Littering and 23-39(a)(2) Prohibited Obstructions. Help keep our streets clean and safe, and report violators to the Jackson Police Department or Department of Public Works office.

Street Sweeping Notice

The sweepers clean the curb and gutter down the entire length of the street.  If possible, when sweepers are in your area, please refrain from parking your vehicle on the street.  Please do not rake or sweep yard debris into the street, as extra debris will plug up the sweeping units.  Please call Public Works at 788-4170 if you have any questions.  Thank you!