Snow Emergency Route

Snow Emergency Alert Ordinance
Snow emergency routes were created as part of the Snow Emergency Alert Ordinance. The ordinance helps expedite removal of all parked and stalled vehicles from city streets during periods of heavy snowfall.

Whenever snow has accumulated to a depth that extraordinary snow removal operations are required, the City Manager or his/her designee may declare a snow emergency alert.
Snow Emergency Alert
  • Once a snow emergency is declared, it is unlawful to park any motor vehicle on a street within the city.
  • Any motor vehicle parked on city streets will be removed and impounded by order of the Police Department at owners expense.
  • Within 6 hours of declaration of a snow emergency, all vehicles parked on streets designated and posted as emergency snow routes (see map) must be removed.
  • Within 24 hours of declaration of a snow emergency, all vehicles parked on all other streets and alleys must be removed.
Keeping You Informed
The Department of Public Works will work to keep the public informed of street conditions during a snow emergency by use of local radio stations.

Emergency Snow Route Map

Emergency Snow Route Map
You may also call 517-788-4170 to check the status of emergency snow conditions.

Special Medical Needs

Any resident with dialysis or artificial breathing machines should contact Public Works at 517-788-4170 so that your address can be placed on a preferential snow removal list. This will ensure that a medical emergency service vehicle can easily access your residence if an emergency takes place.

Anyone with a life-threatening condition other than the above-mentioned should also contact the office to be added to the list. Medical conditions other than dialysis or artificial breathing reliance will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Sidewalk Ordinance Changes
Snow accumulations of 4 inches or greater and any ice accumulations on walkways are considered a threat to public safety. Jackson City Code 23-107 requires such walkways to be cleared to a minimum width of 36 inches by property owners within 24 hours after a winter storm event has ended.

The revised ordinance authorizes the city to remove such snow and ice accumulations constituting a threat to public safety at the property owners expense.