Maintenance of sidewalks in front of residences and businesses is, by ordinance, the responsibility of the property owner.

Safe Sidewalks
Safe sidewalks meet the following conditions:
  • Free of snow and ice - Sidewalks must be cleared by property owners within 24 hours after the end of the winter storm event. An accumulation of 4 or more inches of snow and any accumulation of ice is considered a threat to public safety. City residents are required to clear sidewalks to a minimum of 36 inches in width.

    If a sidewalk is not cleared, a representative of the city may authorize clearing and the costs could be assessed against the premises.
  • Free of trip hazards - Public Works inspects sidewalks when a complaint is received, looking at the following conditions:
    • Trip hazards of one inch or more
    • Hills or valleys of 5 inches or more in a 5-foot section
    • Areas where soil can pond water the width of the sidewalk
    • Missing pieces of sidewalk
    • Deteriorated sidewalk surfaces
Sidewalk Replacement
When such sidewalk conditions are found, a notification letter will be sent to the property owner giving a period of 14 days to arrange for replacement of sidewalk. If the owner declares intent to make arrangements to replace or repair such sidewalk, a permit is required. This permit can be obtained at Engineering, City Hall, 161 W Michigan Avenue - 4th floor, at no cost. If the owner does not reply to the notification letter, City Council may order compliance and will invoice the property owner.

Additional Information
If you have any questions regarding the sidewalks, please contact Public Works at 517-788-4170.