Housing Rehabilitation Assistance

The City of Jackson provides low-income homeowners AND qualifying landlords with loan/grant opportunities for the repair of residential properties. The funding comes from federal sources (0% interest loan or grant), and the programs are designed to make repairs more easily affordable while bringing properties up to code.Rehab Graphic

Standard Loan Process

  1. Submit an application online at https://portal.neighborlysoftware.com/jacksonmi/participant
  2. Applications reviewed for financial and property eligibility
  3. Qualified owner and non owner-occupied properties are inspected, with results being sent to the applicant
  4. Repair bids are requested from eligible contractors
  5. Scope of project is reviewed with applicant, inspector, and program staff
  6. Contractor agreement is prepared for review and adjusted if needed
  7. Loan/grant closing is conducted and mortgage documents are recorded
  8. Construction contract is signed and contractor obtains necessary permits
  9. Work is performed
  10. Work is inspected, contractor waivers of lien are obtained, owner signs for acceptance of work, and contractor is paid
  11. Contractor provides a warranty of workmanship for 18 months

Want more information? Please visit our HOMEOWNER REHABILITATION ASSISTANCE webpage OR our RENTAL REHABILITATION ASSISTANCE webpage for specific program details.