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About Fences in Jackson 

Building a new fence or replacing an existing fence requires a permit from the City of Jackson. Making sure the fence is approved by the City ensures the fence is appropriate for the property and does not affect the look of neighborhoods. This page contains information you'll need to know before starting the application process. Questions should be directed to the Community Development Department.

Residents should educate themselves on the City's fence ordinance. A link is posted on this page. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Question: Is a fence permit required for a new fence?

Answer: Yes. Download the Fence Permit Application (PDF) from the City website. 

Question: Is a fence permit required if I have an existing fence but want to replace it?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Can I have a fence in my front yard? 

Answer: Only if it is 3 feet or shorter and meets the definition of a non-privacy fence. 

Question: Where do I submit a fence permit application? 

Answer: Fence permit applications can be submitted on the 3rd floor of City Hall in the Neighborhood and Economic Operations Department. 

Important Notes

  • There are different requirements for residential, commercial, and industrial properties; make sure to read the appropriate section for your property. 
  • If you live on a corner lot, you have two front yards and two side yards.
  • Privacy fences are only permitted in the side and rear yards.
  • Chain link fences are no longer permitted in any front yard.