City of Jackson

Available Bids

Below, you will find all of the open projects that are currently accepting bids. To submit a bid, you must download and complete the first set of bid files. Then, you can complete and submit the interactive bid documents located underneath. All bids are open until the date and time specified. Once closed, the bids will be organized and uploaded to the Bid Tabulation page, where they will remain for public viewing.

10/20/2014 :: Electrical Wiring and Meter Housing
Installation of electrical wiring and meter housing on existing poles as shown on the attached detail at the following four locations:
1. Northeast corner of Michigan and Blackstone
2. Southeast corner of Michigan and Blackstone
3. Southeast corner of First and Cortland
4. Southeast corner of Cortland and Blackstone
Existing power services for unmetered decorative street lights in the downtown are currently on these poles.  The new wiring installation is so that Consumers Energy can install meters at these sites.  The contractor will tie into the existing underground conduits and wiring and will remove existing disconnects, conduit and wire that is no longer in use.  The street lights shall not be without power for more than one day.
Also, installation of concrete collars around 10 light pole bases on Blackstone between Washington and Cortland.  The existing pole bases are 14" in diameter and the contractor is to excavate 18" down and place 30" diameter sonotube centered on the existing base.  The sub base below 18" is to remain undisturbed and the sonotube filled with concrete level to the top of the existing pole base.
Price shall include all permit costs required.
Completion of all work is to be done 30 days after Notice to Proceed.

Opens 10/20/2014
10/03/2014 :: CDBG Funded Historic Preservation at 407 W. Michigan Avenue - REBID


Sealed proposals for CDBG Funded Historic Preservation of 407 W. Michigan Avenue will be received by the City of Jackson Purchasing Agent, 161 W. Michigan Avenue, 10th Floor, Jackson, Michigan, until, 9:00 am, Friday, October 3, 2014.
The work includes the following partial listing of items with approximate quantities:  Installation of insulation, ceramic flooring, granite countertops, kitchen appliances, drywall, vinyl flooring, roofing, tuckpointing, plumbing, electrical and asbestos abatement.
Bidders may obtain packets containing Instructions to Bidders, Proposal Forms, Specifications and Contract Forms at the Purchasing Department, 10th Floor,  161 W. Michigan Avenue, Jackson, Michigan 49201, Telephone (517) 788-4020 or from the city’s website at
Prospective bidders are invited to attend a pre-bid meeting on Monday, September 29, 2014  at  9:00 am, CDBG Funded Historic Preservation of 407 W. Michigan Avenue.  The Rehab Inspector will have the discretion to limit the number of bidders who enter the property at the scheduled bid walk through.  The City of Jackson and homeowner will provide one opportunity where the subject property will be made available for contractor review and inspection of both the exterior and interior to improve the understanding of the project’s scope of work and allow contractor to submit an informed bid. 

Opens 10/03/2014