City of Jackson

Engineering - Division of Neighborhood & Economic Operations

Engineering is responsible for the performance and/or supervision of all traffic control, parking, engineering and design services needed by the City. Responsibilities also include keeping records of the public facilities and the information related to the street network and sewer system. Other areas of responsibility include overseeing the street lighting system, the majority of which is owned by Consumers Energy. Engineering staff is actively involved with the Walkable Communities Task Force in efforts to make Jackson pedestrian and bicycle friendly.

The department is responsible for the engineering design and inspection on capital improvement construction projects such as:

  • Roadway Construction
  • Sanitary Sewer Construction
  • Storm Sewer Construction
  • Municipal Parking Construction
  • Water Main Construction
  • Other Major Municipal Construction Projects

Further information is available on other engineering projects such as traffic signs, traffic signals, street light problems and parking.

Permits issued through the Engineering office include:

  • Driveway and curb cuts
  • Connection to sewers
  • Working within the street right of way
  • Block Parties