City of Jackson


If you have a question regarding a specific issue within one of Jackson’s city departments, or want to become familiar with the heads of each department, you can find their contact information easily with our directory below. With all the pertinent contact information being listed for each department head, you can choose to make your voice heard by sending an e-mail, mailing a letter or making a phone call.

City Hall
161 W. Michigan Avenue
Jackson, Michigan 49201

Normal business hours are 8:00 AM-5:00 PM Monday thru Friday

Assessor's Office
City Hall, 9th Floor
f. 1.866.902.7891
City Assessor :: David Taylor
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Attorney's Office
City Hall, 12th Floor
f. 1.866.971.2117
City Attorney :: Bethany M. Smith
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City Manager's Office
City Hall, 14th Floor
f. 1.866.384.1772
City Manager :: Patrick Burtch
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Community Development
City Hall, 3rd Floor
f. 1.866.971.2151
Director :: Patrick Burtch
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City Hall, 6th Floor
f. 1.877.509.5874
Executive Director :: Jonathon Greene
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Department of Public Works
521 Water Street
f. 1.877.396.6953
Director of Public Works :: Todd Knepper
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Engineering Department
City Hall, 4th Floor
f. 1.877.509.5389
City Engineer :: Jon Dowling
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Finance Department
City Hall, 8th Floor
f. 1.866.763.7956
Director of Finance :: Philip J. Hones
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Fire Department
518 N. Jackson Street
f. 1.866.522.0954
Interim Fire Chief :: David D. Wooden
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Management Information Services
City Hall, 7th Floor Manager :: Lori Lewis
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Mayor's Office
City Hall, 14th Floor
f. 1.866.384.1772
Mayor :: Jason C. Smith
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Parks and Recreation Office
City Hall, 5th Floor
f. 1.877.347.4714
Director of Parks, Recreation and Grounds :: Kelli Hoover
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Personnel Office
120 W. Michigan Ave.
Jackson County Tower Building
7th Floor

f. 517.788.4404
Director :: Crystal Y. Dixon
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Police Department
216 E. Washington Ave.
f. 517.788.4129
Chief of Police :: Matt Heins
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Purchasing Department
City Hall, 10th Floor
f. 1.866.971.2119
Purchasing Agent :: Shelly Allard
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Treasurer's Office
City Hall, 1st Floor
f. 1.877.396.3005
City Treasurer :: Andrew J. Wrozek, Jr.
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Waste Water Treatment Plant
2995 Lansing Ave.
f. 1.877.347.4171
Public Utilities Director :: Todd Knepper
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Water Department
521 Water Street
f. 1.877.396.6304
Public Utilities Director :: Todd Knepper
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