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City of Jackson

City Assessor

The main purpose of the City Assessor’s Office is to prepare a list of all the properties in the city subject to property tax and special assessments. These taxes produce a major source of funding to the City of Jackson.

The Assessor's Office also serves the real estate community as a valuable source of land and building data. Real estate agents, land title examiners, developers, buyers and sellers of real estate use city records to do research on property values.

Realtor's summary sheets, record cards and maps can be ordered from the City Assessor’s Office by calling 517-788-4033. Copies can be obtained for $2 per page. Fax charges are $1.00 local and $2.00 long distance.

The city’s assessing data can also be viewed online. Information available at this website includes property assessments, property tax information, water and sewer billing, and miscellaneous receivables.

If you have any questions regarding the responsibilities of the department, you can always contact us.