Application For Certificate of Appropriateness

All historic district property owners must obtain a Certificate of Appropriateness from the HDC in order to make external renovations prior to applying for city permits.

Step 1: 


the Planning Director. Early communication will ensure no delays with application.

Step 2: 

Download and fill out the application (below) 


Step 3: 

Take photos of the

front, back, and sides

of the building and any architectural details.

Step 4: 

Provide pertinent

construction documents and sketches.

 Sample items are appreciated but not required

Step 5: 

Email the

completed application

with subject line “Application for Certificate of Appropriateness."

Note: Failure to submit a completed application with all required pictures and construction documents will significantly delay or prevent application approval.

Projects that Require HDC Review

  • Replacing roofing, flashing, or gutters
  • Replacing or installing siding
  • Installing new or replacement windows
  • Reconstructing areas of masonry walls, chimneys, floors, etc.
  • Reconstructing all or part of a porch
  • Installing any new exterior doors (other than storm doors), such as garage doors or security doors
  • Installing or replacing signage, including awnings
  • Cleaning the building
  • Demolishing all or part of a building, including garages

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