Recreation & Culture

  1. City Parks

    Find updates regarding the upkeep and improvement of the Jackson City Parks.

  2. Community Centers

    Gain information on the 2 full service recreation centers under the management of the Parks, Recreation, and Grounds Department.

  3. Historic District Sites

    Find out more about the historic district sites located in the City of Jackson.

  4. Living in Jackson

    Learn more about living in Jackson.

  5. Jackson at a Glance

    Check out a profile of Jackson including a economic, business, and population overview.

  6. Recreation Programs

    The Parks, Recreation and Ground Department is responsible for managing all of the various sports leagues, family events, and other activities that are a daily staple in the City of Jackson.

  7. Michigan International Speedway

    Link to Michigan International Speedway's Website

  8. The Cascades Falls

    Link to Cascades Falls Park website at Jackson County Parks