1. Annual Financial Report

    View this year's audit report for the City of Jackson's disclosed financial statements.

  2. Budget

    View the city's annual budget.

  3. Code of Ordinances

    View the Code of Ordinances for the City of Jackson including charter information, zoning, and sign regulations.

  4. Crime Statistics

    The Jackson Police Department keeps records of crimes and service calls, making them available for the public to view.

  5. Election Information

    Find out what the Election Division is responsible for as a part of the City Clerk's Office.

  6. Holiday Schedule

    View the holiday schedule for the City of Jackson.

  7. Property Exemptions

    Find information on particular forms of exemptions you may qualify for.

  8. Snow Emergency Routes

    Snow emergency routes were created as part of the Snow Emergency Alert Ordinance.

  9. Special Event Policies

    See some of the special event policies that are currently in place.

  10. Ward Maps & Boundaries

    Access map documents that allow you to see the the voting boundaries of the City of Jackson.

  11. Zoning Map

    View the zoning map for the City of Jackson.