1. Permits & Applications

    Find all of the forms available for the City of Jackson's Department of Neighborhood and Economic Operations.

  2. Block Party Permit

    Any individual or group who wishes to have a party for their block must seek authorization from the Engineering Division.

  3. Boards & Commission Application

    Boards & Commission Application

  4. Change of Address Form

    Access the Request for Change for Change of Address Form as the Assessor's Department requires that a change of address be requested in writing by the property owner.

  5. Employment

    Look through a listing of available City of Jackson jobs.

  6. Monthly Parking Permit

    Find out how parking permits cost for particular lots and see their locations.

  7. Oversized Vehicle Permit

    Find out more about the permit and requirements.

  8. Plan Review & Permits

    The Fire Prevention Bureau works in conjunction with the Building Inspection Division to review plans submitted for construction and renovation projects in the city to assure compliance with the Building Code and NFPA Standards.

  9. Property Registration

    Find out the requirements for keeping property registration valid in the City of Jackson.

  10. Right-of-Way Permit

    Any individual or contractor who works in the city right-of-way needs to obtain a permit from the Engineering Division.

  11. Vendor

    Before the Purchasing Department can procure any product or service from a vendor, that vendor must be registered with the City of Jackson.