Non-Owner Occupied Housing Inspections


Due to the State’s stay at home order and suspension of non-essential City services, housing inspections are suspended until further notice and will be rescheduled in the future. Please check the City’s website or Facebook page for updated information.

  • A letter is sent to the property owner and Responsible Local Agent, if designated, detailing the scheduled date and time of the inspection.
  • An inspector will meet the owner or his/her representative, or Responsible Local Agent, if designated, at the property and record any violations of the Housing Code.
  • If violations are detected, a Notice of Violation is sent to the owner and Responsible Local Agent, if designated. The Notice of Violation will provide a detailed list of Housing Code violations cited and will include a reinspection date and time, which will occur 90 days after the initial inspection was conducted.
  • If repairs are not completed at the 90-day reinspection and are expected to be finished within a short period of time, an Administrative Appeal Application will be mailed to the property owner and Responsible Local Agent, if designated. The Administrative Appeal Application, if filed, allows the city to grant additional time to complete the remaining work.
  • If an Administrative Appeal Application is filed and granted, the inspector will return again in an approved amount of time for another reinspection.
  • In addition, property owners may file an application to the Building Code Board of Examiners and Appeals (BCBA) on any contested issue.