Property Registration

Registration Requirements
A property registration, which will remain valid for 2 years, will be issued if the applicant meets all the following requirements:
  1. An Property Registration Application (PDF) is properly submitted
  2. An Acknowledgment of Local Responsible Agent Form is submitted and signed by the Local Responsible Agent if required
  3. All application fees are paid
  4. All outstanding inspection fees and late fees are paid
  5. Payment in full of all any owed fines, fees, and debts relating to the property being registered that are currently due or past due, including but not limited to:
    • Outstanding water or sewer bills
    • All charges for mowing, cleanup, weed, or debris removal
    • Any fees, penalties, or debts of any sort arising from provisions of the housing code, including any blight violations
Changes to Submitted Applications
If any information submitted upon application changes, the owner must notify the Department of Neighborhood and Economic Operations within 10 days and submit an amended application at no cost. However, failure to update information within 10 days is a violation and subject to late fees of $5 per unit per day.

Renewing Property Registration
A renewal property registration must be applied for at least 60 days prior to the expiration date.