Brownfield Redevelopment Authority

About the Board
Brownfield land is abandoned and underused property that was once used for commercial or industrial use and has been deemed acceptable for re-use.

The Jackson Brownfield Redevelopment Authority (JBRA) is an 11-member board responsible for identifying and managing environmentally distressed areas of Jackson. The board was established by the City Council on April 2, 1997. It has had great success in promoting the revitalization of the City of Jackson by providing private enterprises such as Consumers Energy, Kinder Morgan, and Home Depot with essential brownfield land for redevelopment. The resulting investments from projects like these total more than $360 million.


  • Bill Jors, Mayor
  • Mike Way, Jackson County Commission
  • Patrick Burtch, City Manager
  • Dale Dopp, Jackson Community College
  • Steve Duke, Region 2 Planning Commission
  • Andrew Frounfelker, 5th Ward council member

  • Daniel Greer, 3rd Ward council member
  • Philip Hones, City Finance Director
  • Mishele Wilkins, East Jackson Public Schools
  • S. Bradford Williams
  • Vacant Seat