Business Assistance

About the Programs

Supporting and fostering businesses throughout the City of Jackson is one of the main purposes of the Economic Development Division, because maintaining a strong business climate is immensely beneficial to all citizens. We offer many programs and services to assist organizations with a wide range of issues, including:

  • Business relocation
  • Community promotion of existing businesses
  • New business development

For More Information

Whether you’re looking to start a new enterprise, or plan on expanding your current business, we can be sure to assist you in some way. Learn more about business assistance in Jackson’s downtown or contact the EDD to find out more about the assistance services available for other parts of the city.


The City of Jackson recently built a new online tool to help local startups navigate the red tape required to open a new business venture. The website,, includes a map to show where specific businesses are permitted and a running tally of permit costs from federal, state and local governments.